One thing we all look for, after a long tiring day, is comfort and convenience. It can be as easy as be able to heat up your house before you come home, or as big as making sure all your laundry is done in your absence. This aspect of home automation involves automating your home central conditioning, the blinds- that open an close automatically, your electrical switches- that regulate your electrical products at your finger tips, your washing machine- to get the job done without you, your water- to ensure you have the right temperature, the lights- set at the right ambiance and the right color at the right time







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Control the heating of your house from any personal device. Get your home to be at right temperature just before you reach. Alternatively, ensure that the boiler is not heating up an empty house. Review monthly reports to track your energy and money savings. No big shocking bills anymore.


Automatic blinds can be controlled manually or through the console/mobile phone. You can also time them with your local  sunrise and sunset. The blinds/curtains go off at sunrise to wake you up fully revived. They also go on at sunset to protect your privacy.

Just like Clockwork

Clock plays a very vital role in our life. Everything we do is linked to time. Everything at our home should go with time too. All the lights, the curtains, the heating, the appliances can be timed to work when they really should. Just like Clockwork.


Water can revive and relax your body. A good bath does the job. With home automation, the water can be controlled by computer systems to ensure you get just the right warmth you desire. Combined with customizable lights, it can give you an experience you would want every day.


We can get appliances to be connected your smart home hub. You will be amazed what you can do with the appliances in your smart system. Having been able to get your laundry washed and dried, while you are at work. View what's left inside your fridge, while shopping at the supermarket. Make the vacuum cleaner clean in your absence. All this gets you more time to spend with your friends and family.

Location Based

Everything can be programmed based on your location. It would automatically switch on the selected lights, turn your heating on, warm up the water, turn on your favorite music, just as you park up your car. Switch all off when you leave home. Switch on the holiday schedule if you leave the country.


The lights can help relax or energize us. They effect us in many ways than we can imagine. One of them is psychologically. Have it warm to relax or daylight to keep you concentrated so you don't fall asleep. You change the colors of the lights as per your mood or make them jump to your tune.


The beauty of the system is that it is fully customizable down to every single electrical switch or light bulb to the music system in every room. You are in full control of the system. Imagine being the conductor of the orchestra. Everything in the system knows what their job is and you are there to make them play as you like.


The blinds or curtains can be smartly controlled by your local sunrise time and open up automatically to give you the natural break from sleep. Similarly, the blinds would automatically shut at sunset, to give you the privacy, unless you like otherwise.


Have full control of your Electrical Products. Monitor and control your Washing Machine, Dishwasher and other appliances, from your phone, while sitting in your office. It's the freedom to be able to do things when you like them to be done, regardless of where you are.


Control the house's internal temperature remotely or automatically so you don't have to enter into a freezing house. Flip-side, you can ensure the boiler is not running in your absence. So you don't get hit with a shocking utility bill. GO GREEN


Controlling the water outlets and the temperature of water is taking the automation to another level. One of the best way to revive is having a relaxing bath. Control the water levels, pressure, the entertainment system in the bathroom, all from one console.

The reason why home is called sweet home is because of the comfort we get. We aim to make that comfort most relaxing and unparalleled. You won't be able to roll back after experiencing it.

*The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual installation and service might wary.