Entertainment can be as big as watching a movie on a home theatre or as small as playing a game on your phone. The modes are quite diverse. This is where we come in. We aim to combine all your entertainment electronics into one hub so you can operate any or every one of them just from one device. They are all Interlinked.

You can have speakers in every room which can operate individually or all combined as one big music system. Connect those speakers to your TV. Play any digital content on your TV no matter whether that content is on your phone or on the cloud. You get what you want.







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Wires are a thing of past. The beauty of the system is that it is wireless. This eliminates the restriction of positioning your equipment and the need to spread the long inter-room wiring. It's time to say good bye to those ugly wires.


The biggest screen in your home is most probably the TV that you watch nearly every day. You can monitor the whole automation system from that one point. You can also chose to view any digital content on your TV regardless of where that content is. It's a delight to be able to quickly watch your personal photos and videos, on your TV, that you took on your phone.

Multi Room AV

All the speakers and TV's are interlinked. You have the freedom to continue watching your show from any room, even while taking bath, or keep listening to your music wherever you go in the house. The entertainment follows you, not the other way around.

Home Cinema

What's better than having your own home Cinema. It not about just having a projector facing the wall with popcorns on the side. The lights, the couch, the seats, the viewing angle, the comfort, the convenience, the thrill, these all come to together to provide a perfect experience. Being perfect is at our core.


The TV is not just a TV. It can be the central monitoring system to all automation in your house. Control your smart devices while watching your favorite show.

Multiroom AV

Connect  any device to your TV and stream any content to your big screen.  Pause and continue watching from where you left, in any room. Won't miss anything again.


Your own personal home cinema, playing the very movie you would like it to and no one other than your whole family together. We can design one of the best and most convenient home cinemas, just as you like it.

You won't believe how we can transform the way you see your entertainment in your home. We can take it to next level just as you would like. Give us a ring and we will take care of it.

*The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual installation and service might wary.