Lights are the most basic and important part of our life. So making the lights to respond at our convenience had to be the first steps of automation. Imagine having lights turning on just before you come home, switching off when no one is around, able to control your lights just by asking them, change color of the lights to suit your mood and set a scene, control the lights from anywhere in the world and much more than you can imagine. We make sure we provide the best suited package to your living style and standards.







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All the wall switches, dimmer, sensors and light bulbs are connected with each other with one of the most advanced and reliable wireless technologies. Ready to respond when you need them.

Device Control

Control your lights using your personal phone, your smart watch or any other smart device. The devices become the console for controlling your lights. In addition, the lights can be controlled by voice commands from anywhere in the house

Location Based

The lights can be programmed based on your location. It would automatically switch on the selected lights, just as you park up your car. Switch all lights off when you leave home. Switch on the holiday schedule if you leave the country.


Customize your lights throughout your house just as you like it. Choose a different color to every light bulb, group the lights together, change lights as per outside weather or time.

Control from your Smart Watch

You can control your lights from your Smart Watch. On/Off, Dimming or color changing can be done from your wrist now.

WOW Effect

Lighting has the power to transform spaces and moods. Carefully designed lighting offers an excellent way to create drama and contrast within your home. You can choose from a palette of colors and combine different light sources and levels to create ‘scenes’. Creating the right mood in your home is as easy as a tap on a switch or on your phone screen. Experience the power of lighting in your smart home.

Energy Efficient

All the light bulbs we install would consume around 10W of electricity. But the luminosity will not be compromised. All the light bulbs would be as bright as bright as a 60W incandescent light bulb. Another advantage of LED is the lifespan. The LED's are made to last about 25000 Hrs. So return for investment is guaranteed.

The LED's have a range of 16 million colors to chose from. This includes all shades of white too. Choose from Warm White to Day light or set the scene to match your mood or evening party or just paint your house with light. Its only limited by your imagination.

*The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual installation and service might wary.