This package helps you enter the world of automation, with basic automation, to build the foundations of future growth.

With Automate Mini, you will be able to CONTROL THE LIGHTS of your house from anywhere in the world, using your phone, your smart watch, or even just by voice command.

By installing a server we will open a new door to your exciting world. Imagine having the lights switched on when you arrive home, change color of the lights, alter the brightness and even respond to your messages.







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Add a next level to the Automate mini. This package adds Security and Entertainment to your smart home. Keep your family and belongings safe by having Cameras and all sorts of sensors like motion, temperature, humidity, CO, flood and more.. Imagine being able to fully monitor your house in London, while enjoying holidays in LA. Get notifications if someone comes close to your house, see on your phone, who is ringing the bell, who sneaked into your backyard or is it actually the postman. Check whether the doors are locked, if not then lock them while sitting in your office. The possibilities are limitless.


The Entertainment package gives you a freedom of listening to different music in every room at all different volumes or combine all together to blow off the roof on Saturday night, all from your phone or computer. Connect your phone with your new generation smart TV, stream movies, photo album, play games from your device on a bigger screen or use your TV as a console to get overview of your house.


With AUTOMATE PLUS, we go full house. In additional to previous packages, we automate your central heating system, your electrical outlets, your locks and loads of other tech stuff. The heating and electrical systems are so smart that they help you control your spendings on utility usage. The system lets you know how much energy every appliance is using so you could switch it off if not needed, from your mobile phone. We can connect daily appliances like Washing Machine, Fridge, Oven and dishwasher with your mobile so you don't have to be at home to operate them.


With this package you could really control and manage your house, just from your phone.


The best thing, as always, is to start with a blank Canvas. We will do a FREE survey of your house and design a custom package, based on compatibility of your house, just as you want. Add whatever you like, take off what you don't, all tailored just for you.


Renovating your house or building a new one, great! We can work alongside your builders to do so much more and embed the automation in a much better way.


In short, you are in control of your desires. Sounds Good!



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