Your home is your sweet world. The only place you feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, the burglars don't understand that. So what keeps your safe place secure? What's better than being able to do a quick check, from anywhere in the world, whenever you want. Look around the house, check locks, switch lights on/off, monitor all sensors. Everything just as if you are actually there.







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All equipment is fully wireless. No wires needed to connect to the central system. Camera's Sensors, locks, Lights and other security hardware use secured encrypted wireless network. Reliable and Secure, exactly what you expect from a security system.



The CCTVs can be installed both outdoor or indoor and are of HD quality. Being Wireless, they can be installed anywhere, no restrictions. This ensures the installation at best viewing point. We also have outdoor cameras that are weather and water proof. You can record when you need to.

Door Locks


Even the Locks get smarter. You won't need to worry if you locked your house or not. Just take out your phone and check it. You can lock it just in case you forgot to. You can even unlock the door for your kids if they get home before you. Get notification if the door gets unlocked in your absence. Its all in your control, all the time.



Just as our senses tell us about everything, the sensors in the house monitor various factors, like Motion detection, temperature, humidity, smoke, CO, flood, door/window opening sensors and a lot of others sensors to ensure the full safety of your family and your house.

Monitor from your Smart Watch

Monitor all your sensors and notifications from your watch, just like you would check time. Monitoring is as easy as turning your wrist


The cameras are independent of the wires, so we can practically install them in most of the places. The Zoom, Pan and Tilt feature helps look into every blind spot that is tough to reach.


Keys are a thing of past. Hence its easy to get past them. In today's world, we need much more than that. Smart Locks are a thing of future. Convenient and secure. Just like it should be.

There is a lot that you can miss on while ticking off the checklist to protect your home. That's what we are here for. Give us a ring and we will take care of it.

*The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. The actual installation and service might wary.